Monday, June 11

We Are Getting Bad: The Sound of Phase One; Children of Jah 1977-79

"The HOLY GRAIL of reggae music. Full title - Sound Of Phase One - We Are Getting Bad. 2003 reggae/ragga compilation from one of the smallest but more revered labels to emerge in Jamaica during the late 1970's. What this label lacked in quantity it more than made up for in quality. Features 18 grooves including two previously unreleased DJ cuts, 'The Sons Of Man' & 'Gena'. Quality Late 70s Roots from Roy Francis. Roy Francis, who now runs the Mixing Lab label, created and ran the independent Phase 1 label in the 1970s. This is a compilation from the good folks at Motion Records, a reggae revive label that I don't think is around anymore which is disappointing. For their brief period of operation, Motion gave the reggae massive some excellent reissues, We Are Getting Bad included. My Phase 1 introduction came via Blood and Fire's Children of Jah 1977-79, an instant classic that presented a valuable collection of tracks not widely known at the time. ..."
Holland Tunnel Dive
allmusic: We Are Getting Bad: The Sound of Phase One
The Sound Of Phase One (Video)
amazon: Children of Jah 1977-79, We Are Getting Bad: The Sound of Phase One
YouTube: Untouchables - Sea Of Love (Extended), Children of Jah - Album 1:05:04

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