Sunday, May 13

Coming Home - Pat Thomas

"Ghanaian highlife master and “The Golden Voice Of Africa”, Pat Thomas, returns with his first full career retrospective on Strut this Autumn, covering his late ‘60s big band highlife recordings through to the 'burger highlife' movement of the early ‘80s. Growing up with music around him ('my uncle, King Onyina, was an important highlife musician'), Thomas was inspired to become a singer after hearing vocalist Joss Aikins: 'He sang with Broadway Dance Band and Decca in Ghana chose him to sing with any group that came into their studios.' When a new incarnation of Broadway Dance Band was created in ‘67, led by Ebo Taylor, Thomas received his first big break. 'Ebo started to write new songs. I added the lyrics and sang them and it worked well.' The partnership with Taylor would become one of the enduring forces in Ghanaian music during the ‘70s, creating a fresh, progressive new highlife sound. ..."
bandcamp (Audio)
Pitchfork: Coming Home (Original Ghanaian Highlife & Afrobeat Classics 1967-1981) (Audio)
YouTube: Pat Thomas & Marijata - i need more, Broadway Dance Band - "Go Modern", Pat Thomas - Yamona, Ebo Taylor Feat. Pat Thomas - No Money, No Love

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