Thursday, November 2

The Astros Tanked Their Way To The Top

"It took 56 years, three stadiums, a name change, a league change, a couple of heart-breaking near misses and some of the ugliest jerseys in sports history, but this morning the Houston Astros can finally call themselves world champions. After beating the Dodgers 5-1 in Wednesday night’s World Series Game 7, the Astros made the list of teams to never win the title a little smaller and capped one of the most exciting World Series in history. The series had some of everything, from record-breaking home runs to crazy twists and even a marriage proposal in the postgame celebration. After the dust settled, the Astros were left standing as very worthy champions of a season in which all the best teams were unusually good. The Astros earned every bit of their first championship. ..."
Five Thirty Eight
NY Times: How the Astros Won World Series Game 7, Inning by Inning

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