Sunday, November 12

How Nona Hendryx Captured the World of Captain Beefheart

"In 1965, Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band released their first single on A&M records. The song was a relatively faithful cover of Bo Diddley’s 'Diddy Wah Diddy' — with just a bit more speed and harmonica. As usual with traditional blues, the lyrics were oblique: The Diddley–Willie Dixon composition hints at vague dangers, doomed love, and a dark sexuality verging on the pornographic. Where or what was 'diddy wah diddy?' A jail? A cathouse? A backwoods ghetto? 'I got a girl in diddy-wah-diddy/It ain’t no town and it ain’t no city,' growled Don Van Vliet in his shape-shifting Captain Beefheart persona. As good as this white kid from Southern California was at mimicking black idols like Howlin’ Wolf and Muddy Waters, Van Vliet was never going to be a conventional white blues rocker. ..."
VOICE (Video)

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