Monday, October 23

The Project Papers

The Poetry Project at St. Mark's Church, [1974].
"Ed Friedman edited the Project Papers beginning in the fall of 1987. Issues, usually four pages in length, were published (and distributed free-of-charge) at each of the 1987-88 Wednesday night readings. Most of the issues consisted of one or two poems by each of the poets who were reading on a particular program. The Project Papers imprint was also used to publish articles that offered useful and concise perspectives on the Poetry Project’s history, aesthetics, and organizational mission. Generally, these articles originated from the Poetry Project’s Annual Symposiums, either as lectures or opening statements from panel discussions. Lewis Warsh’s special issue of Project Papers was a set of diary entries reprinted from one of his early collections. ..."
The Project Papers Archives - The Poetry Project

2014 July: The Poetry Project

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