Sunday, October 22

Sun Ra - Exotica - A Modern Harmonic Industrial Film Short (with Irwin Chusid)

"We had the esteemed pleasure to speak with Irwin Chusid (that's partly a joke as we talk to him all the time!) of the Sun Ra estate. We secretly recorded that call and turned it into another Modern Harmonic Industrial Film Short. This is in celebration of the Exotica set that Irwin put together! Sensuous dreamscapes to transport the listener to the lush tropical environs of the outer reaches of the omniverse. Your choice of three colorful inter-stellar saucers or two compact saucers of 'Exotic-Ra' bringing you to a lush cocktail party where space is the place. All packaged in a beautiful Chesley Bonestell adorned gatefold package with two sets of extensive notes! Sun Ra. Exotica. Incongruous? Listening to the 25 tracks herein will showcase that Sun Ra was, indeed, an Exoticat of sorts, albeit in his own unique way, of course. That Sun Ra hasn’t been celebrated in Exotica circles is understandable. ..."
YouTube: A Modern Harmonic Industrial Film Short (with Irwin Chusid)
W - Irwin Chusid
Shiny Beast

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