Saturday, October 14

A Question of Degree / Former Airline - Wire (1979)

"... Even at their punkiest there was always something different about Wire. Their 1977 debut (Pink Flag) still sounds surprisingly fresh and minimal today (yep, I just listened to it), but it's from their 2nd album (Chairs Missing) that things really start to get interesting. Songs are deconstructed and reconstructed in wierd and wonderful ways. Jagged, Dissonant and Swirling guitar work-outs rub shoulders with shimmering pop songs of breath-taking beauty. 'A Question of Degree' is a single put out in 1978 between 'Chairs Missing' and the 3rd (and even better) album '154'. It is one of Wire's many moments of pop inspiration with an off-kilter center that leaves you feeling slightly queasy. Like much of Wire's output, it's similar to a David Lynch movie - misleadingly normal on the outside, but with an unsettling and slightly uneasy world view once you scratch below the surface. If only all pop music were like this. 'Former Airline' is experimental, abrasive, repetitive, and not for the faint of heart. - Smelsch"
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Pinkflag: A Question Of Degree / Former Airline
YouTube: A Question of Degree, Former Airline

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