Tuesday, October 3


"Last month, something special happened. 47Soul – a supergroup uniting four alternative-music figureheads who share roots in Palestine – performed in the West Bank. For the musicians, it was an emotional homecoming. Despite having rocked huge crowds across Europe – including at the UK’s Glastonbury Festival and Womad (World of Music, Arts and Dance) – the group’s headline slot on July 27 at the Palestine International Festival marked the first time the four members were permitted to perform their twisted electro take on the country’s street music to a native audience. Why? Passports. The band members share Palestinian heritage – but due to population displacement, they are scattered and none have Palestinian Authority papers. ..."
Palestinian supergroup 47Soul stay true to their roots
Is Shamstep a Made-Up Genre For Hipsters—or a Defining Movement of Arab Youth Culture?
Soundcloud: 47SOUL | السبعة و أربعين
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YouTube: "Intro to Shamstep", "Don't Care Where You From", Mo Light, Dabeekeh, Every Land
YouTube: 47Soul

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