Friday, August 11

Time (The Revelator) - Gillian Welch (2001)

"... Time (The Revelator) is a summertime record. I listen to it lounging around in what’s finally a semblance of heat, but I listen to it driving baked and cracked city roads, too, in those months when everything crawls to a halt. It’s not just a rural record, or a Nashville record. To my ears, this collection of songs transcends geographical place; it makes its own place as you listen. Recorded in April 2001 and released that July, and performed by Welch and her longtime collaborator guitarist/vocalist David Rawlings, Time (The Revelator) is about getting lost. It’s a hazy post-millennial American dream of disappointment and ambition that drifts along, disturbed, even shell-shocked, by what it sees and hears. At the same time, there’s a yearning on this album so vivid it can make you cry for joy. ..."
W - Time (The Revelator)
YouTube: Revelator, Dear Someone, Everything Is Free, Elvis Presley Blues, Sing That Rock 'n Roll, April The 14th (Part 1), Ruination Day, I Dream A Highway

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