Wednesday, August 9

Project Subway NYC

59th Street Columbus Circle
"Like most New Yorkers I am constantly amazed and annoyed by the city's subway system, and Project Subway NYC is a product of this love-hate relationship. It is a collection of sketches, photographs, and architectural drawings. There is a lot to love and to hate about the subway, but I am specifically interested in the STATIONS themselves - signs, stairs, turnstiles, tunnels, platforms, escalators, and the space... in other words, anything between the streets and the trains. Curiously, with the overwhelming amount of information available to us today, a three-dimensional representation of the stations does not exist. I first challenged myself to document the stations simply because I thought it is something the city can use, but as the project develops, what set out to be a straightforward, mechanical exercise of surveying and drawing gradually turned into a journey of observation, discovery, and amusement. I hope the drawings will make way-finding in this giant maze a little easier. On top of that, I hope this project as a whole will give you a new perspective, a new way of understanding, and perhaps a new found sentiment, for this mystifying world under one of the most dynamic cities in the world. ..."
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Project Subway NYC
CityLab: A Nerd’s-Eye View of New York’s Most Complex Subway Stations

42nd Street Times Square Project NYC-Subway Station Cross Section