Tuesday, August 1

Liana Finck

"Ask Liana Finck how she got started as an artist and she’ll offer you a hilariously frank answer: 'I started drawing when I was a baby and I’ve been drawing since then.' The response embodies what’s so compelling about Finck’s cartoons. Both acid and innocent, Finck’s words and drawings are unflinchingly honest. 'Whenever something really bothers me, I’ll try to really think about it and get at its essence and turn it into a cartoon,' Finck told the Daily Dot. Finck, who is a frequent contributor to the New Yorker, has been posting her sketches and cartoons to Instagram for over a year. More than 40,000 followers are drawn to her unique brand of introspective wit. Finck said she started sharing her drawings on Instagram when she was seeking something we all crave: the attention of someone who wasn’t giving her enough attention. ..."
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