Monday, August 7

“A Particular Glow” – On Loving Terry Riley

"How appropriate that a composer and performer whose work is shot through with cosmic love vibrations should stimulate a total love-fest. We’d been a bit concerned the canvassing opinions on Terry Riley might get people nerding out, getting a bit dry and academic – but no. Just like us in the office when we found out we’d be broadcasting a Riley show from Amsterdam, everyone we asked was frankly a bit overcome with enthusiasm. From techno heroes to folktronicists, ambient explorers to sampladelic pranksters, everyone we asked had a deep, deep appreciation of Riley’s music, and a sense that he gives just a little bit more than the average composer to his listeners. From a medical recommendation to a sartorial one, from a sense of 'maximal heart' to one of 'breathtaking elegance', the range and depth of the love is palpable. And please, please read right to the end, if only to see what is without question the greatest photograph the Boiler Room has ever published. ..."
Boiler Room (Video)

December 2007: Terry Riley, March 2010: In C, December 2010: Terry Riley & Gyan Riley, April 2011: Terry Riley - Shri Camel: Morning Corona, Terry Riley rare footage, live in the 70s, 2014 March: Kronos Quartet Plays Terry Riley: Salome Dances for Peace (1989), 2014 June: Solo piano works, Moscow Conservatory. April 18th, 2000, A Rainbow in Curved Air (1969).