Tuesday, July 25

Watch Aura Satz’s short film about Laurie Spiegel

"In 2016 the Spanish sound installation artist and film maker Aura Satz premiered Little Doorways To Paths Not Yet Taken at Oliver Coates’s Deep Minimalism festival. Since then her film has been screened at International Film Festival Rotterdam, Fridman Gallery in New York, The Wire's Off The Page in Bergen, and elsewhere. The film offers the viewer a brief yet intimate venture inside the home studio of Spiegel, composer of The Expanding Universe (1980) and Unseen Worlds (1991), and it’s soundtracked by Spiegel’s music and musings. ..."
The Wire (Video)
Inside the Dial Tone-Inspired Sound Art Exhibits of Aura Satz
Aura Satz
The Wire - Aura Satz (Video)

2011 May: Laurie Spiegel, 2012 November: Laurie Spiegel - The Expanding Universe, 2014 February: The Interstellar Contract, 2015 September: Resident Visitor: Laurie Spiegel's Machine Music, 2015 October: Laurie Spiegel: Grassroots Technologist, 2016 June: Meet Four Women Who Pioneered Electronic Music: Daphne Oram, Laurie Spiegel, Éliane Radigue & Pauline Oliveros, 2017 January: Resident Visitor: Laurie Spiegel's Machine Music, 2017 July: Space, Energy & Light: Experimental Electronic And Acoustic Soundscapes 1961-88