Wednesday, July 19

Trump Seems Much Better at Branding Opponents Than Marketing Policies

"Donald J. Trump, the master brander, has never found quite the right selling point for his party’s health care plan. He has promised 'great healthcare,' 'truly great healthcare,' 'a great plan' and health care that 'will soon be great.' But for a politician who has shown remarkable skill distilling his arguments into compact slogans — 'fake news,' 'witch hunt,'  'Crooked Hillary' — those health care pitches have fallen far short of the kind of sharp, memorable refrain that can influence how millions of Americans interpret news in Washington. Analyzing two years of his tweets highlights a pair of lessons about his messaging prowess that were equally on display as the Republican health care bill, weakly supported by even Republican voters, collapsed again in Congress on Monday. Mr. Trump is much better at branding enemies than policies. And he expends far more effort mocking targets than promoting items on his agenda. ..."
NY Times