Sunday, July 30

Tarheel Slim & Little Ann

"Talk about a versatile musician: Alden Bunn (aka Tarheel Slim) recorded in virtually every postwar musical genre imaginable. Lowdown blues, gospel, vocal group R&B, poppish duets, even rockabilly weren't outside the sphere of his musicianship. However, spirituals were Bunn's first love. While still in North Carolina during the early '40s, the guitarist worked with the Gospel Four and then the Selah Jubilee Singers, who recorded for Continental and Decca. ... Tarheel Slim made his official entrance in 1958 with his wife, now dubbed Little Ann, in a duet format for Robinson's Fire imprint ('It's Too Late,' 'Much Too Late'). ..."
amazon: Robin Fire Years
YouTube: It's Too Late, Two Time Loser, Much Too Late, Can't Stay Away, Security, Don't Ever Leave Me