Sunday, July 16

Recycled Funk Episode 10 (Cinco Funk Mix)

Bronx River Parkway – La Valla feat. Jose Parla
"This latest episode of Recycled Funk is a tribute to Latin Funk, to commemorate Cinco De Mayo. Growing up in NYC, the son of a musician/DJ who also happens to have Puerto Rican roots in the family tree, my exposure to Latin funk came early in life, and often. NYC definitely has 'a sound' when it comes to Latin funk, soul & jazz. This mix features a collection of some of my favorite Latin tunes, embodying the NY vibe & esthetic! I do acknowledge the significance of Cinco De Mayo to the Mexican people, and mean no Disrespect, as this collection of music does not embody traditional elements of Cinco De Mayo. It does not feature any prominent artist of Mexican/Mestizos descent. It is my personal showcase of Latin music that I am most fond of, in honor of a historical and special day for my Mexican people. I hope you it!"
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