Sunday, July 9

Patti Smith Sang Some Lou Reed at a Gala For Anthology Film Archives’ Expansion

"... So needless to say, when I was somehow allowed to crash the Anthology Film Archives gala –a fancy fundraising party and art auction held last week to raise cash for the theater’s expansion– I was just slightly out of my realm. It was made all the more surreal by a performance from Patti Smith, and seeing people like John Waters, Zosia Mamet, and Zac Posen’s eyebrows all in one room. OK, so it wasn’t quite the Met Gala. But the theater’s DIY roots mean that Anthology has way more street cred than any froufrou uptown frolic could ever hope to have. ..."
Bedford + Bowery (Video)

2014 May: Anthology Film Archives, 2014 October: Captured: A Film/Video History of the Lower East Side, 2016 February: Jonas Mekas