Monday, July 17

Night Waltz: The Music of Paul Bowles

"The likable, informative and light-fingered new documentary 'Night Waltz: The Music of Paul Bowles,' which begins an exclusive engagement today at the Film Forum, is worth seeing if only for the sharpness and vividness of its subject's recollections of his experiences with other iconic figures like Virgil Thomson, under whom he studied composition; Gertrude Stein; Orson Welles; and Tennessee Williams. (He tells a detailed story about his run-in with John Houseman with a last line that is sure to get a laugh.) As he's being interviewed, Bowles constantly taps out rhythms on surfaces; you can almost imagine him using the typewriter as a percussion instrument. He calls rhythm 'the basis of music' and adds, 'Harmony is a European tradition.' The assuredness and ardor that the director, Owsley Brown, brings to the film are in tune with the way Bowles, who died in 1999 at 88, felt about music. ..."
NY Times - Under a Sheltering Song: A Documentary Attends to Paul Bowles the Composer
YouTube: Night Waltz: The Music of Paul Bowles, Sonatina Fragmentaria (1933), Night Waltz for two pianos

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