Tuesday, July 4

Brooklyn Art Library - The Sketchbook Project

"Brooklyn Art Library is home to The Sketchbook Project collection in its physical form. Our walls are lined with shelves that hold the tens of thousands of sketchbooks currently in the collection, created by artists from around the world. The library serves as a reading room where you can get cozy and spend an afternoon enjoying artwork in a hands-on experience with the help of our librarians. With so many books in the library, we’ve developed our own system that makes it easy for anyone to explore. Each book is individually barcoded and cataloged with searchable details, like where the book is from, the materials used, the artist’s name, tag words, and much more. Whether you are interested in seeing a book about robots, a book created in Berlin, or even books selected for you at random, you can search and explore using your own mobile device when in our space. ..."
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