Sunday, July 9

A Graffiti Painted Cityscape: Laura Shechter Documents Street Art on Canvas

"... When you live in a city and see graffiti or Street Art the creators of the scene cannot hope to define everyone’s experience of their work. In fact, it is an entirely unique trip for each person. If Laura Shechter happened to capture a graffiti tag or throwie or Street Art wheat-paste or stencil or sticker in one of her careful and precise photo-based cityscapes, she probably didn’t see it as you did, because she may not see her city in the same way you do. Ms. Shechter has spent hours with these pieces; recreating, rendering, and documenting by hand and brush the coded chaos and conversation on city walls. For this painter it is about supporting the craft of the artists of this time – much in the same way that she used her earlier still life painting to support the craft of hand painted china from the 19th century. ..."
Brooklyn Street Art