Monday, June 12

Television - Little Johnny Jewel part 1 & 2 (1975)

"... The Television seed was planted in the very early 1970s, when Thomas Miller and Richard Meyers met at a boarding school in Hockessin, Delaware. Their shared love for poetry and music – as well as a growing relentlessness and displeasure regarding their educational environment – led them to make a run for it. ... From then on, the composition, tempo and rules stretch, shape-shifting from one movement into the other through crafty modulations. There is some darkness in the underbelly of this punkishly romantic beast, it is decorated with jaunty, twigly bits that morph into jazz (notably Ficca's terrific showcase of off the wall drumming extravaganza) until the dissonance takes on a very Latino, almost flamenco vibe with a resolutely electric tinge. They jump from stirring melodies to more opaque free-form, all the while the rhythm guitar soldiers on with a distortion-free hypnotic groove. Miles removed from your average gutsy punk, this is lead with artsy bravado and no economy of class. Thanks primarily to the great Lloyd, this A-side is pure joy to listen to, blissful and engaging, with sparing verses."
Dan's Rock Records
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YouTube: Little Johnny Jewel part 1 & 2, Little Johnny Jewel, Live '78 (from The Blow Up), Little Johnny Jewel - live, Little Johnny Jewel: Tom Verlaine and Jimmy Rip (2016)

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