Monday, June 19

Neil Young - "River Of Pride" / "White Line" (1975)

"... After years of rumors, reports of the elusive Chrome Dreams acetate surfacing were finally confirmed in the early 90s. Not surprisingly, two bootleg CDs soon followed, one sporting the complete acetate (plus, oddly enough, some uncredited, unrelated live 1977 tracks) and another featuring the unreleased CD tracks intermingled with live versions of the songs that were the same as the released versions (the big news with this second boot was the inclusion of a previously uncirculated studio outtake from the same era: 'River of Pride,' an early version of 'White Line,' a song that showed up in a few 75/76 setlists and was eventually released on Freedom 12 years later). ..."
sixty to zero
YouTube: River Of Pride (Outtake 1977), White Line (Acoustic, Live: 1976), Neil Young & Crazy Horse - White Line(Live 1975)

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