Saturday, June 3

Jah Wobble - The Legend Lives On… Jah Wobble In Betrayal (1980)

"The first big solo effort of Jah Wobble would be the pronounced reason he got the boot from PiL under orders from long-time buddy John Lydon. There was probably word of build up to the acrimonious departure, but it would depend on who you asked. Apparently Lydon didn’t like the fact that Wobble’s album used pieces of scrap from Metal Box, and pulled the trap door. Funny really, considering PiL was meant to be an umbrella for all sorts of weird, vague projects that tended to never, ever get made. Wobble went and did it though, and it’s even funnier because what little fragments do come from Metal Box / Second Edition were all just fragments to begin with at that point. Punks in the studio using whatever they could fashion together as avant-garde. ..."
Jive Time Records
W - The Legend Lives On... Jah Wobble in "Betrayal"
YouTube: Betrayal, Blueberry Hill (Computer version), I NEED YOU BY MY SIDE, SOMETHING PROFOUND, Battle Of Britain

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