Tuesday, June 13

Eddie Palmieri - Unfinished Masterpiece (1976)

"Bacoso's been posting some great Eddie Palmieri over at OIR which has encouraged me to drag out my latin albums again .... Eddie's a genius and a revolutionary giant. Latin had never seen harmonies like this before - Palmieri pushed at both the latin boundaries and the jazz boundaries at the same time without letting them wash each other out. ... And all the way through there's Eddie himself, always unexpected and exploratory in his piano progressions, and writing incendiary brass parts like no-one else can. He was apparently never fully satisfied with getting this album finished, but Coco Records put it out anyway - thus the title. He won his second Grammy award with this one. WAV and 320 MP3 versions of 'Unfinished Masterpiece' are at the bottom of the post, also a bonus of the aforementioned track 'Un Dia Bonita' from 'The Sun Of Latin Music'. ..."
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Essential Eddie Palmieri
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YouTube: Unfinished Masterpiece 38:49

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