Saturday, June 17

Brakhage: When Light Meets Life

Pages from Jane’s scrapbook including a photograph of the Brakhage children, 1958-1967.
"To describe the thinking behind his films, Stan Brakhage often quoted a saying attributed to the ninth-century Irish theologian John Scotus Erigena: 'All things that are, are light.' He got the line from Ezra Pound, and his attachment to it was one of the few constant principles connecting the hundreds of experimental films he made between 1952 and 2003. Brakhage’s movies could last anywhere from eight seconds (1967’s Eye Myth) to more than four hours (1965’s The Art of Vision, a longer version of his early Dog Star Man); they could be intimate records of his family life or abstractions made by painting, scratching, or collaging directly onto the film stock itself. ..."
Voices from the Beinecke Library: Brakhage Scrapbooks

Jane Wodening Brakhage, Eighteen Pages from her Scrapbooks, (1958-1967)

2009 April:Stan Brakhage, 2011 December: Burial Path/The Process/The Machine of Eden, 2012 August: The Dante Quartet (1987) - Stan Brakhage, 2016 July: Gnir Rednow (1960) - Joseph Cornell / Stan Brakhage.