Thursday, June 1

BBC: Paris - City of Dreams

"Few cities boast the romantic allure of Paris: its charm, its energy, its style. Sandrine Voillet reveals how Paris battled through turmoil and trauma to become the city of dreams – the capital of the world in all but name, in this BBC/OU series. We first meet Sandrine in the Louvre, the world’s most famous museum of art and the place where she studied the history of art. Before it was a museum, the Louvre was a splendid palace. That all changed with the French Revolution of 1789 and that is when Sandrine begins her story of Paris. From the blood-soaked streets of revolution Paris rose up to become the world’s first truly modern city – the place where the way we work, live and play in cities today was born during the 19th century. ..."
YouTube: Paris - The City of Dreams 59:09