Saturday, June 10

Au Pairs - Diet / It's Obvious (1980)

"... They were clearly angry about sexism and patriarchy, and possibly angrier still about the right-on discourse of socialist feminism. All this in a wrapper featuring a gorgeous Eve Arnold photograph of female combat soldiers in the People's Liberation Army – a clear allusion, I felt, to feminist philosopher Julia Kristeva's volume on women in post-Maoist China, Des Chinoises. "It's Obvious" is one of the longest songs on the album, a centrepiece that stands for all. With its insistent drum beat, foregrounded bass line and jangling, rhythmic guitar riff, it has obvious kinship with Joy Division and Gang of Four, but more stripped-back and staccato. Lesley Woods' ringing enunciation, with its mocking tortured twists, transfixed me: I had to play this song again and again, to the point of masochism. ..."
Guardian - Old music: Au Pairs – It's Obvious
YouTube: Diet / It's Obvious

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