Thursday, June 29

Ahmed Malek and Other Treasures From Habibi Funk’s North African Crate - Digging Expeditions

Jannis Stuertz of Habibi Funk Records
"Though Algerian composer Ahmed Malek was an established musician in his country—he passed away in 2008—and also the long-time conductor of the Algerian Television Orchestra, his music had largely been condemned to obscurity. Getting it back on wax has taken a bit of persistence. On May 14th, the Berlin-based imprint Habibi Funk will release Musique Original De Films, a collection of Malek’s film music. Written during the ’70s, the music has stylistic parallels to popular soundtracks of the era, particularly the work of Italian composer and spaghetti-western maestro Ennio Morricone. Yet it is also very much a product of North Africa. The songs are moody and slightly melancholy, but also surprisingly groovy. They fuse Arabic melodies and jazz harmonies with Latin-style rhythms and the odd scrap of psychedelia. ..."
Handcamp (Audio)
Habibi 003: Ahmed Malek by Musique Originale De Films (Audio)
Soundcloud: Men Awel Deqiqa, Ebda' Men Gedid, Sah
YouTube: La ville, Maya, Halla, La Silence Des Cendres