Saturday, June 10

Accumulated Vision: Trisha Brown and the Visual Arts By Susan Rosenberg

"In the 1970s, Trisha Brown’s investigation of the question 'what is choreography?' paradoxically brought her work into intimate conversation with the visual art practices of her time. Enamored of the ideas of John Cage, she strove to invent methods of dance making that did not appear to be merely the result of subjective criteria of composing. If, in retrospect, Man Walking Down the Side of a Building (1970) bears close affiliation to site-specific practices in contemporary sculpture, Brown was not emulating visual artists’ work. Rather, she considered a dancer’s promenade down the façade of a seven-story building to answer essential choreographic problems: where to start, what to do, and where to end. ..."
Walker Art
amazon: Trisha Brown: Choreography as Visual Art - Susan Rosenberg
YouTube: Set and Reset: Trisha Brown’s Postmodern Masterpiece - Susan Rosenberg

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