Sunday, May 21

Tom Cora ‎– Gumption In Limbo (1991)

"Cora was one unique voice in cello playing, that is for sure. The big flaw of this record resides in the occasional repetitions of Cora (that shrieking cello which sounds too sonically 'pwetentious' to my ears), but there are plenty of beautiful moments. Cora lacked a certain 'cerebral' tendency that makes cello music sometimes sound lameass, as found in Joelle Leandre's playing, and he paired easily folk-like melodies with astonishing sounds removed from the tonal focus, as well as the standard distortion employed by professional cellists - despite the apparent lack of logic in some moments that are too disjointed, this is a great solo cello album, almost as good as Reijseger's Colla Parte. - Moritat"
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YouTube: Gumption In Limbo 43:57

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