Saturday, May 27

The Syncopated Geography of Hip-Hop

"Since its beginnings, the hip-hop universe has expanded, its centers of gravity multiplied. The culture that was initially localized in the boroughs of New York, and which encompasses not only rap music, but also includes DJ-ing, breaking, graffiti, and fashion, has since been destabilized, and the culture continues to scatter and fragment through a continual alteration of sound, space, and technologies. Not long after its birth in the 70s, hip-hop spread like wildfire across the United States and around the world, with imitation and replication as a central facilitator of this dispersal and cross-pollination of musical and lyrical styles. Cities such as Atlanta, Miami, Houston, Memphis, Detroit, D.C., Philadelphia, Seattle, Minneapolis, Chicago, New Orleans, and several others soon developed their own communities and local styles that imitated the parent cultures residing in New York and L.A. while also reflecting the unique experiences of what it meant to live in each of these urban (or, in some cases, rural) locales. ..."
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