Monday, May 15

The Radiators from Space

Wikipedia - "The Radiators from Space, also known as The Radiators, The Radiators Plan 9, and The Trouble Pilgrims, are an Irish punk rock band. They have been described as Ireland's first punk band. The band formed in 1976 in Dublin, and consisted of Philip Chevron, Pete Holidai, Steve Rapid (Steve Averill), Jimmy Crashe and Mark Megaray. They were one of the earliest punk rock bands. They signed to Chiswick Records and released the album TV Tube Heart in 1977. Their first single "Television Screen" was the first and only punk record to make the Irish top 20, and featured on the Long Shots, Dead Certs And Odds On Favourites (Chiswick Chartbusters Volume Two) sampler Compilation album (1978: Chiswick). ..."
Irish Rock
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