Saturday, May 6

The Alternative Facts of Samuel Beckett’s “Watt”

"In the summer of 1942, Samuel Beckett and his partner Suzanne Dechevaux-Dumesnil fled their apartment in the German-occupied city of Paris. After more than a month on the run, including stints sleeping in parks and hiding in trees from Nazi patrols, they wound up in the town of Roussillon d’Apt, in the unoccupied zone. The couple had reason to fear for their lives. In Paris, both had been active members of a Resistance cell known as Gloria, which was compromised by the Nazis. Numerous members of the cell were arrested by the Gestapo, including Beckett’s close friend Alfred Péron, who was interrogated and eventually sent to Mauthausen concentration camp, in Austria. He died two days after the camp was liberated, in 1945. ..."
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The Atlantic - 'You Begin to Breathe Again': Samuel Beckett's Humor as a Coping Mechanism
W - “Watt”
NY Times: One Man's Universe (January 21, 1959)
[PDF] Watt

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