Monday, May 29

Temporary Equilibrium by Eleanor Ray

Morandi, Natura Morta (Still Life), 1956
"Arguing against Frank Stella’s famous assertion that 'Painting is made with colored paint on a surface and what you see is what you see,' Philip Guston claimed that a painting is 'not there physically at all.' For Guston, who spoke energetically about his varied experiences with the paintings he admired, powerful works could not be seen quickly or definitively. 'The art of the past is a hidden art,' he once said. Despite his acknowledged difficulties with talking about painting, Guston was unwilling to wave away the stubbornly elusive quality of the paintings, and the ordinary objects, that moved him. ... For Guston and Morandi, painting what was around them – books and shoes, bottles and boxes – provided a way to engage with certain aspects of painting that, while always in plain sight, refuse to be pinned down. ..."
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