Wednesday, May 24

Sundial and SUN - Bill Zavatsky

Sundial, vol. 2, no. 1 (Winter 1968).
"SUN — the magazine and the press (never 'Sun Press' or 'Sun Books” or 'Sun magazine') — emerged from the collapse of Sundial, a literary magazine started at Columbia University by undergraduate Lawrence Susskind in 1966. (The sundial at the center of 116th Street, which runs through the campus, offered its name as a hub of activity.) Sundial was funded by the Protestant Episcopal Office in Earl Hall, and featured dynamic graphic design and an eclectic approach that opened its pages not only to Columbia students but to anybody connected to the school. ..."
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You Publish Too Much!: A Room 220 Interview with Bill Zavatsky
W - Bill Zavatsky
[PDF] Sundial/SUN, 1966 – 1983, compiled by Bill Zavatsky