Wednesday, May 3

Skeleton Crew - Learn to Talk / Country of Blinds (1990)

Wikipedia - "Learn to Talk / Country of Blinds is a CD compilation album by United States experimental rock and jazz band Skeleton Crew. It was released by RecRec Music in 1990 and comprises the band's two studio albums, Learn to Talk and The Country of Blinds, with two tracks omitted from the former album, and one track omitted from the latter. In 2005 Fred Records reissued the compilation on a double CD, omitting only one track from The Country of Blinds, and adding ten live tracks taken from the band's North American and European tours, nine of which were previously unreleased. This reissue was dedicated by Fred Frith to Tom Cora, who died in 1998: 'Dedicated to the memory of Tom Cora – dear friend, master musician and enthusiastic co-conspirator.' ..."
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