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Negro National League (1920–31)

The 1928 Negro National League champion St. Louis Stars
Wikipedia - "The Negro National League (NNL) was one of the several Negro leagues which were established during the period in the United States in which organized baseball was segregated. Led by Rube Foster, owner and manager of the Chicago American Giants, the NNL was established on February 13, 1920 by a coalition of team owners at a meeting in a Kansas City YMCA. The new league was the first African-American baseball circuit to achieve stability and last more than one season. ... The war between the two leagues came to an end in 1924, when they agreed to respect each other's contracts and arranged for the Colored World Series between their champions. ... The NNL survived controversies over umpiring, scheduling, and what some perceived as league president Rube Foster's disproportionate influence and favoritism toward his own team. ... The NNL finally fell apart in 1931 under the economic stress of the Great Depression. ..."
The Negro National League is Founded
the founding of the negro national league, 1920
Rube Foster - The Negro National League
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Fans waiting in line to enter an unidentified stadium for a Negro League game.