Friday, May 12

John Cage Meets Sun Ra - A Modern Harmonic Industrial Film Short (1989)

"Modern Harmonic are to reissue a rare Sun Ra/John Cage recording documenting the pair’s historic encounter in June 1986, when they were brought together for a one-off concert at Sideshows By The Sea in Coney Island. Meltdown Records recorded it and released an LP of unedited concert segments the following year. Much sought after by collectors, a copy of the original LP is currently up for sale on discogs at a price just shy of £90. Described as 'full of dissonant electronics, astral flourishes, vocal experimentations and, as you’d expect from Cage, moments of profound silence', John Cage Meets Sun Ra has been remastered and expanded to a double LP for this reissue, adding 25 minutes of material to capture the full concert, as opposed to the original album’s edited version. Jazz writer and The Wire contributor Howard Mandel was in the audience and saw it happen. He contributes sleevenotes to the new edition."
The Wire
Cage, John Meets Sun Ra - The Complete Concert - CD (Video)
YouTube: John Cage Meets Sun Ra - A Modern Harmonic Industrial Film Short, John Cage Meets Sun Ra - June 8th 1986 - CD or 2LP Clear Vinyl