Thursday, May 11

Islamic and Arab art institute opening in New York aims to challenge stereotypes

'We will do everything in our capacity to see our culture is represented and open up a cross-cultural dialogue with New York City,’ says Sheikh Mohammed Rashid Al-Thani.
"Sheikh Mohammed Rashid Al-Thani noticed something missing in New York City’s cultural institutions – there is the Swiss Institute, the Asia Society and the Jewish Museum, but there isn’t anything to represent Arab Muslim artists, until now. Al-Thani, who is part of the ruling family of Qatar, is opening up New York City’s first Institute of Arab and Islamic Art on 4 May. The 2,500 sq ft space will host exhibitions with Muslim and Arab artists, foster interfaith dialogue with public discussions and will be home to a new bookstore. According to Al-Thani, who is the founding director, he wanted to set straight some Muslim stereotypes. ... Even with Islamophobia and Trump’s recent Muslim ban, Al-Thani has been working towards the institute since 2014. One inspiration was Orientalism, a book about Middle Eastern stereotypes written by Palestinian American cultural critic Edward Said in 1978. ..."
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