Sunday, May 14

"I'm a King Bee" - Slim Harpo (1957)

Slim Harpo in the studio
Wikipedia - "'I'm a King Bee' is a swamp blues song that has been performed and recorded by numerous blues and other artists. ... Written by Slim Harpo (using his real name, James Moore), the song was recorded in March 1957.The recording features a spare arrangement and instrumentation typical of J. D. Miller's production approach. Accompanying Slim Harpo were Gabriel 'Guitar Gable' Perrodin on guitar, John 'Fats' Perrodin on bass, and Clarence 'Jockey' Etienne on drums. ... English rock band the Rolling Stones recorded 'I'm a King Bee' for their 1964 debut album. It has been identified as an early important song for the Rolling Stones, although it was not released as a single. The band's arrangement generally follows Slim Harpo's, but includes a slide-guitar break by Brian Jones. ..."
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