Wednesday, May 31

Habana Leones

1951 Habana Leones
Wikipedia - "The Habana club was one of the oldest and most distinguished baseball teams in the old Cuban League, which existed from 1878 to 1961. Habana, representing the city of Havana, was the only team to play in the league every season of its existence and was one of its most successful franchises. In their early history they were known by their colors as the Reds; later they adopted the names of Leones or Lions. Throughout their existence they had a famous rivalry with Almendares. ..."
NY Times - The Pride of Havana: A History of Cuban Baseball By ROBERTO GONZÁLEZ ECHEVARRÍA
SABR: Lazaro Salazar
PEBA: Havana Leones
BR: Cuban Winter League
The Rise of the Latin American Baseball Leagues, 1947–1961