Friday, May 19

Direct Action: Protest and the Reinvention of American Radicalism

"The press photos from Standing Rock Sioux Reservation show a chilling reversal of an old Western movie cliché. A vulnerable encampment is gathered at the foot of a hill, while above, a mass of armed warriors stands silhouetted against a leaden sky. The reversal? It’s the Native Americans — defending their water supply and sacred sites against the intrusion of a commercial pipeline — who are peacefully occupying the lower ground, while gathered above is the armed might of U.S. government law enforcement. Direct Action, L.A. Kauffman’s survey of (mostly) American protest movements over the past 45 years, doesn’t reach all the way up to Standing Rock, the activist confrontation that has claimed headlines and seized the sympathetic attention of the liberal public in recent months. ..."
New Mexican's Weekly Magazine
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