Tuesday, May 23


Wikipedia - "Crawdaddy was an American rock music magazine launched in 1966. It was created by Paul Williams, a Swarthmore College student at the time, in response to the increasing sophistication and cultural influence of popular music. The magazine was named after the Crawdaddy Club in London and published occasionally during its early years with an exclamation point, as Crawdaddy!. According to The New York Times, Crawdaddy was 'the first magazine to take rock and roll seriously', while the magazine's rival Rolling Stone acknowledged it as 'the first serious publication devoted to rock & roll news and criticism'. ... The magazine spawned the career of numerous rock and other writers. Early contributors included Jon Landau, Sandy Pearlman, Richard Meltzer and Peter Knobler. ..."
NPR: Remembering Paul Williams, Founder Of Rock Magazine 'Crawdaddy!'
Crawdaddy Magazine 1966-1968