Tuesday, May 9

Blanche Thomas

"Blanche Thomas was a very, very great blues singer who performed primarily with New Orleans traditional jazz groups. She played with many of the greats who would later make their names in the Preservation Hall scene. This LP Am I Blue, was released on the Nobility label, a small New Orleans label that put out many great traditional local jazz before the days of Preservation Hall. Blanche Thomas, for some reason, hasn't achieved the acclaim of a few other local singers, which is a pity. With her deep, resonant and throaty voice and great stage presence, she rightfully made a big hit with the audience. Blanche Thomas was born October 15, 1922 in Orleans Parish in New Orleans and she grew up singing. Her father, Sam Thomas, was a musician. According to Blanche, in 'the early days', he played bass and trumpet with Kid Howard and Jim Robinson. ..."
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