Tuesday, May 2

Birch Book - Fortune & Folly, Vol. II (2006)

"Recorded on San Juan Island off the rugged coasts of the Olympic Northwest, Fortune & Folly is the fitting second volume of Birch Book. Assuming the allegorical emblems of The Wheel of Fortune and The Traveling Fool, Fortune & Folly distill the introspections of a perennial rambler reckoning 'the Bitter and the Bliss' of The Road Less Traveled. Drifting away from the overtly psychedelic, medieval, and soporific atmosphere which typified In Gowan Ring, B'ee displays a more organic, individualistic approach to songwriting. Fortune & Folly blends elements of idiosyncratic folk-pop and outcast-country with brooding layers of sound and sense, yielding a spectral ethereality in a captivating chiaroscuro thick with the visionary allusions of a haunted wanderer bent upon a mythic path.... Favorable comparisons are commonly drawn with classics such as Leonard Cohen and Nick Drake as well as contemporary 'rural-folk' such as Will Oldham and Iron & Wine. ..."
The Lighthouse Keeper
YouTube: Young Souls, The carnival is empty, Zephyr through Willows, Diaspora, Stray Summer Song, The Trip Goes On