Saturday, May 6

Bert Jansch - Avocet (1979)

"1979 might not initially appear to be a vintage year for Bert Jansch, the perennially influential and innovative acoustic guitarist and proponent of the complex, counterpoint-heavy guitar style known as folk baroque. It was over a decade since he'd made a name for himself as a Beat-influenced troubadour and progenitor of fiery folk-jazz hybrids as a member of Pentangle, and though still loved by a coterie of musicians and journalists unaffected by the politically-charged trad scene of the time, he was struggling to maintain a career as a performing artist. Though it was at this time that he released Avocet, an ornithologically-themed instrumental album centred around one side-long composition. Now lovingly released by Earth Recordings, this album sees Jansch at the height of his compositional powers. ..."
The Quietue
W - Avocet
YouTube: Avocet 36:22

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