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"Who We Are. 05401PLUS is a monthly print magazine advocating on behalf of the new ecological, aesthetic and socio-political consciousness in the Champlain Bio-Region. Essays, reportage, satires, essays on current social, political, and cultural issues, book, film,and art reviews, poetry, short fiction, and art are welcome. While we are focusing on the local scene, we welcome any subject matter that has bearing on our expanding world view. ..."
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"05401 is committed to promoting an integrative, multidiciplinary dialogue in the public realm. We try to make professional language accessible, and to make everyday language intelligible. We celebrate the sacred and the profane, the serious and the funny, the ecstatic and the catatonic. 05401 invites, welcomes contributions to our ongoing dialogue in architecture, planning, food and sex. We welcome suggestions for additional topics. ... 05401 is edited by Louis Mannie Lionni. Our contributors have included Alan Broughton, Andy Simon, Anna Blackmer, Annie Lionni and Pippo Lionni, Barbara Zucker and Gina Zucker, Ben Sachs Hamilton, Bob Tieger, Brian Tokar, Bud Lawrence, Carl Rothfels, Carla Schwartz, Carolyn Bates ..."
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05401PLUS Magazine Takes Long View of Burlington

Genese Grill in her studio