Friday, April 14

TV Slim (1916-1969)

"Oscar 'TV Slim' Wills's hilarious tale of a sad sack named 'Flat Foot Sam' briefly made him a bankable name in 1957. Sam's ongoing saga lasted longer than Slim's minute or two in the spotlight, but that didn't stop him from recording throughout the 1960s. Influenced by DeFord Bailey and both Sonny Boy Williamsons on harp and Guitar Slim on axe while living in Houston, Wills sold one of his early compositions, 'Dolly Bee,' to Don Robey for Junior Parker's use on Duke Records before getting the itch to record himself. To that end, he set up Speed Records, his own label and source for the great majority of his output over the next dozen years. The first version of 'Flat Foot Sam' came out on a tiny Shreveport logo, Cliff Records, in 1957. ..."
YouTube: Flatfoot Sam (1957), To Prove My Love (1958), Don't Reach Across My Plate (1959), Juvenile Delinquent, Hold Me Close To Your Heart, Gravy round your steak, Darling Remember (1957), Can't be satisfied, You Won't Treat Me Right (1968), Love bounce