Wednesday, April 12

The Baby Boomer War

New recruits for the Vietnam War being sworn in, in St. Paul, Minn.
"Of all the tropes about the Vietnam War, one stands out far above the rest in American memory: It was the baby boomers’ war. By the spring of 1967, most American soldiers being killed in combat had been born in 1946 or after. To understand the war, we have to understand what motivated that generation of Americans not only to protest but also to fight, and later to seek some sort of closure. Wars are far easier to initiate than to conclude. And for those who serve, the memories endure long after the fighting stops. ... Those born after the boomers may find it quaint to read about a president asking citizens to sacrifice, to 'pay any price.' Nonetheless, their parents or grandparents, the baby boomers, will most likely remember a brief shining moment of energized promise and of unfulfilled dreams. ..."
NY Times
NY Times: Vietnam '67

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