Monday, April 17

Experimental Music: Cage and Beyond - Michael Nyman (1972)

"The book; Experimental Music Cage and Beyond (Nyman, 1999) was written by Michael Nyman in 1974 with a second edition appearing in 1999. Nyman is a composer directly influenced by, and practicing within the culture of late twentieth century minimalist music. Nyman’s career is laden with examples of working with filmmakers on soundtracks [especially Peter Greenaway] to create a symbiosis of moving image and music. He has also composed a huge repertoire of music for strings and more recently, operas. Nyman’s work is audibly influenced by the canonistic nature of baroque music. ..."
Concerning Temporality in Music
[PDF] Cambridge University Press - Experimental Music Cage and Beyond
[PDF] LOC - Experimental Music Cage and Beyond

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